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Air Conditioning – Heating Tips and Other Home Services Links 

IMPORTANT:  Anytime your heating or air conditioning system is not working properly, TURN IT OFF.  Continuing to run a unit that is not working properly can create more damage. After you have turned your heating or air conditioning unit off, Call us  972-530-8384 Any Time, Any Day. 


Reduce Your Allergy Triggers from weeds, grasses, trees and pollen. Monitor daily pollen forecasts, stay indoors when the counts are high and the days are windy. After spending time outdoors change your cloths at the door and shower to remove the pollen from your skin and hair. When doing yard work use masks and gloves. Pollen can stick to laundry hung on the cloths line to dry, so use a dryer instead. Keep your bed clothes washed. Keep windows and doors closed as much as possible. Vacuum often. Antihistamines, nasal sprays and nasal washes help. Keep your air filter changed often or keep your indoor air cleaner by investing in a Trane Clean Effects Air Filtering System. For healthy air, healthy family, healthy employees, call us at 972-530-8384, for more information on the Trane Clean Effects Whole House Air Cleaning System.  Click the image for a video.

Trane Clean Effects Air Cleaning System

Danger! Don't Store Stuff Around the Heating UnitThis is Dangerous! Combustibles are being stored on the heating system. Your heating system is a source of combustion. Items and more importantly flammables should never be stored on or around heating units. Anything stored around the heating system is a fire hazard, particularly gasoline, paint thinners, wood, rags, paper. Kitty litter, cleaning solutions, bleach, ammonia can corrode the heat exchanger as well as other components. The area around the heating unit should always be kept clear for safety as well as being accessible for servicing.

For inexpensive window insulation, use bubble wrap

Bubble Wrapped Windows

Great Tip! A good way to keep your air conditioning and heating system from working so hard is insulation. Besides the attic, windows are a big contributor to heat loss and heat gain. If, you don’t have or cannot afford expensive high efficient windows, Bubble Wrap is an inexpensive way to insulate windows. It works, I tried this on our enclosed porch a few winters ago. At 30 degrees outside, the bubble wrap was not very cold to the touch. Try it. It works very well in summer as well, reduces the  transference of heat through the windows. It also keeps your windows from sweating. Don’t worry about how it looks, if you have screens and use clear bubble wrap, from the outside you wont even notice.
1. Cut the bubble wrap to the size of the window pane. 2. Spray the glass lightly with water and apply the bubble wrap’s smooth side to the glass. 3. Smooth it over and squeeze out as much of the water as you can. 4. As the water dries the bubble wrap clings tighter to the glass and will stay in place for months. 5. To remove it, simply peel the bubble wrap off the window pane.

Portable Air Conditioning Unit

It’s A Good Idea to have a portable air conditioning unit as an emergency back up to your central air conditioning system. If, your main air conditioning system goes down, you can hook up your portable ac unit, you’ll have a cool room to escape the heat until your main air conditioning system can be repaired or replaced.

Critters chew ac wire.#Critters will chew on anything. This homeowners air conditioner was getting a fault code due to critter activity. No matter what you do, sometimes critters are hard to control. This particular sensor had to be replaced, due to a short. If, you have critters, we recommend contacting an exterminator for ideas to help you keep critters at bay.

When you need air conditioning service please call us at 972-530-8384, any time, any day.

Business and homeowners help keep your family and employees healthy with a UV Light SystemATTENTION HOMEOWNERS AND BUSINESS OWNERS! HELP KEEP YOUR FAMILY AND EMPLOYEES HEALTHY…HERE’S HOW….By cleaning the air you breath in your home or business. A UV Light System incorporated into your air conditioning and heating unit, disinfects the air by destroying or neutralizing harmful microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, mold spores and other tiny organisms. Thus, resulting in fewer and less severe allergy or asthma symptoms, inhibiting the spread and growth of mold or mildew, reduces or eliminates unpleasant odors. A UV Light System significantly improves indoor air quality.  Breath cleaner air. Call us at 972-530-8384 to schedule an appointment to have a UV Light System installed in your home or business.

Caulking around doors and windows.

Fall is a great time to seal windows, doors, exterior holes and penetrations around water faucets, cables and wires. Seal around light switches and outlets, seal interior holes and penetrations where cables and wire has penetrated walls. Holes and gaps suck conditioned air right up through them, robbing your pocket book and your comfort.

Broken attic stairs

Keep your attic stairs in good repair. You don’t want anyone to get hurt going into the attic. Keep bolts and screws tightened and inspect for any cracks or breaks. Replace attic stairs if repairs cannot make them safe.

Electrical Switch Insulators

Foam Gaskets

Seal Light Switches and Plugs…. You’d be surprised how much hot and cold air leaks into your home through the light switches and plug outlets. Insulate electrical switches and outlets with foam gaskets. They are inexpensive, pre-cut gaskets that help stop cold or hot air from entering your home through the switch and plate outlets. You can pick some up at your local Home Depot or at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores.

No Heat?  The following are things to check before calling for service. Check the thermostat to make sure it is set to heat and set to your desired temperature, make sure the heater has not been unplugged or the disconnect switch (similar to a light switch) has not been turned off, make sure the air filter is clean, make sure the circuit breaker is not tripped. If, all these things check out, turn it off at the thermostat, then call us at 972-530-8384 for service.

Keep your air conditioner filter changed. The air filter below is beyond dirty. It’s completely clogged. The single most important thing you can do for your heating and air conditioner is keep the air filter changed regularly.

Once a filter gets in this conditioning, the dirty, dusty particles gets sucked through the filter, leaving a dirty, dusty path through the blower housing, through the evaporator coil, critically reducing the required air flow needed for the heating and air conditioning system to work properly, making it necessary to professionally clean the blower housing and evaporator coil in order to re-store proper air flow, capacity and operation, an unnecessary expense if the filter is routinely changed.

Change 1″ Pleated Filters at least Monthly. The best way to remember to change your filter is when you get your electric bill it is time to change your filter.  Change 4-5″ Media Filters every 6 Months.  You may find for your area, you may have to change more often.  A clogged filter: restricts air flow, making the unit have to work harder; costing you money, causes unnecessary wear and tear on system components; costing you money, eventually causing expensive component failure; costing your money, consumes more energy; costing you money, reduces comfort; makes you ???.

Air Filter is beyond dirty, it's completely clogged.

Important Tip!  If, your having interior remodeling on your home, particularly sanding or sheet-rock work, be sure to check the air filter daily during the remodeling process.  The air conditioning and heating system sucks this remodeling dust up and will clog the air filter very quickly. Eventually, if the air filter is not changed soon enough, this fine dust will be sucked through the filter, clogging the evaporator coil and leaving a fine dust on your return air plenum and return air ducts. Then you’ll need call Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating at 972-530-8384 to clean your indoor evaporator coil and have your plenum and ducts cleaned.

Ants Break Air Conditioners – True 


Protect your outdoor condensing unit from ants. These pests may be little, but they can stop an air conditioning system in no time. Keep ants away from your outdoor condensing unit by putting ant poison around the perimeter of the unit, please do not put the poison in the unit or on the unit.

When it's hotWhen Its Hot!   You can expect at least 20-25 degrees difference outdoor temperature to indoor temperature. So… if it’s a 100 outside, you can expect at least 75-80 inside. Older systems, homes with poor insulation, single pane widows will be closer to the 20 degrees difference. Newer systems, newer homes that are well insulated, designed efficiently will be closer to the 25 degree difference outdoor to indoor temperature.Things that will help, professional maintenance on your ac system, close your drapes, insulate, caulk, use appliances like ovens, washers, dryers in the coolest part of the day, shade for home and unit, keep fans moving, let the thermostat do its job, when you leave turn it up to a higher temperature (80-85 degrees) not off. Turning it off will only make it work harder to catch up and can damage your equipment.

Air conditioning is not instant cooling. When the system has been off or set to a higher temperature, expect the temperature to come down 1-3 degrees hourly.


Look closely. A tree grew into the freon line and drier. It’s important to keep shrubbery and debris away from the outdoor condensing unit.



Maintenance and Warranty are Intertwined. Today’s air conditioning and heating systems are more sophisticated, with state of the art components, a new, more environmentally friendly Refrigerant / Freon that works at higher pressures, sensitive metering devices for the Freon, so maintenance and keeping the filter clean is now more critical than ever. To insure optimum performance and to meet the manufacturers requirements, it is recommended that you have maintenance twice a year, every spring for the air conditioning system and every fall for the heating system. Failure to provide professional maintenance can void any manufacturer, extended or dealer warranty. You may be asked to show maintenance documents. “Do it yourself” maintenance and repair may void your warranties.  Call us today at 972-530-8384 to schedule your maintenance appointment

Inoculate Your Air Conditioning System against Hot AttacksPrevention is the best medicine. A pre-season summer tune up, cleaning, performance and efficiency inspection of your air conditioning unit, is like getting inoculated against a hot attack in your home this summer.  Call us today 972-530-8384 to schedule your appointment.


R22 Refrigerant

R410A RefrigerantDid you know? Once an air conditioning system is properly charged, refrigerant should not have to be added. If refrigerant has to be added, there is a leak. The system can be re-charged, which will be very expensive at $300-$900 and up, or the system can be leak-checked to locate the leak and possibly have the leak repaired, but this option can be expensive as well, and not all leaks can be repaired due to their location. If, your having freon added every year, you should think about replacing your air conditioner, the money you’ve been spending on freon would be better spent on a new air conditioning system. Call us at 972-530-8384 for a free quote to replace your air conditioning system.

Did you know? If your air conditioning system is low on refrigerant and you choose to have it charged, be advised that there is no way of knowing how long the charge will last. It could last the cooling season or only a few days. Even with a leak, the system is under pressure, so a small leak can suddenly become a big leak.

Use a ceiling fan in summer to keep you cool and reverse it in winter to help keep you warm.

Important Tip!  Use ceiling fans in the summer to help keep you cool. Using ceiling fans in the summer will help keep you cool and save on cooling costs. Make sure the fan is turning clockwise for summer circulation. 

Supply air grilles can be closed some to force more air to other roomsImportant Tip! Do you have some rooms that are a little cooler than others? Try closing the vents some in those rooms that are warmer to force more air to the cooler rooms. Note the adjusting lever on the left. Your system needs the air flow it was designed for, be sure you don’t completely close a vent, leave it at least 25% open. Never block supply air or return air grilles with furniture, pictures or curtains.

Compressor Scroll



Compressor Recp


Important Compressor Tip!  If, your heat pump compressor fails and is not under warranty, don’t replace the compressor, replace the whole outdoor unit (the heat pump condenser). You will spend almost as much replacing the compressor as you will replacing the condensing unit. A new heat pump condensing unit will have a longer warranty and be more reliable. Due to freon regulations and compatibility issues, you may have to replace the indoor evaporator coil as well. Call us for a free 2nd opinion 972-530-8384.

When you need to replace your heating and air conditioning, call us at 972-530-8384 for a Free Quote. We have air conditioning and heating equipment and systems for every home, every budget.

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