Professional Repair & Maintenance for Your Existing HVAC Systems

When your air conditioner or heater is broken, needs service or repair call us at 972-530-8384, any time, any day, for service in these neighborhoods:  Addison, Allen, Carrollton, The Colony, Coppell, Dallas, Fairview, Forney, Frisco, Garland, Lewisville, McKinney, Mesquite, Murphy, North Dallas, Parker, Plano, Richardson, Rockwall, Rowlett, Sachse, Wylie, TX

Important !!!  Anytime your air conditioner or heating unit is not working properly, TURN IT OFF.  Continuing to run a unit that is not working properly or is broke, can create more damage.  After, you have turned your air conditioner or heating unit off,  call us 972-530-8384, Any Time, Any Day 

We service and repair all makes and models of air conditioning and heating equipment for home or business.  When you need service on your current air conditioning or heating system, you can trust we use the highest quality parts. Our technicians are well trained to diagnose, adjust or repair your air conditioning and heating system. For safety and warranty reasons, you should never attempt to service your air conditioning or heating unit yourself. Call us 972-530-8384, any time, any day, for professional, honest and courteous service.

We use Flat rate pricing, you’ll know the price up front. Our trucks are fully stocked. No Overtime Charge, same price at 3 a.m. or 3 p.m.

Free second opinion on compressor failure (must provide written documentation of estimate or diagnosis from the other company).

Trane Technician, Customer and Dog at the customers Trane Condensing Unit

IMPORTANT!  If, your air conditioning or heating system is malfunctioning – TURN IT OFF… Any time your air conditioning or heating unit is malfunctioning, it is advised to turn it off, until a qualified professional can take a look at it.  By continuing to run a malfunctioning air conditioning or heating system, more expensive damage can be created than the initial cause.


Trane Extended Warranty

We honor all Trane Extended Warranties.

Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance

You would never drive your car without maintenance, well your air conditioning and heating system needs regular maintenance, tune ups and cleanings, too. Before the cooling or heating season begins, it is recommended to have your air conditioner or heating system checked by an expert. Small problems can become bigger problems as your system continues to run.

Arctic Comfort provides maintenance, tune ups and cleaning for your air conditioner and heating system. Air Conditioner maintenance, tune ups and cleaning should be performed during the months of April, May & June. Please note, the temperature should be above 65 for an optimum performance check up and not raining, electricity and water are a deadly mix. Heating system maintenance, tune ups and cleaning should be performed during the months of October, November & December. See our coupon section for any maintenance specials. Call us to schedule your appointment today 972-530-8384.

Carbon Monoxide – “The Silent Killer”

Odorless, colorless, tasteless, poisonous gas, caused by incomplete combustion of fuels, such as gas, oil and wood. About 200 people die yearly from carbon monoxide poisoning.  About 5,000 people are treated annually in emergency rooms for carbon monoxide poisoning. Symptoms include: headache, nausea, chronic fatigue, confusion and dizziness. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends at least one carbon monoxide alarm in every home. Be safe, have your heating system inspected annually by a qualified professional and install at least one carbon monoxide alarm in your home. Call Arctic Comfort 972-530-8384 for annual heating inspections, carbon monoxide testing and carbon monoxide alarms.

Indoor Air Quality – Air Filters, Air Filter Systems & UV Lamps    

Not only does a dirty air filter worsen your indoor air quality, but it restricts air flow through your air conditioning and heating system.  Causing unnecessary wear and tear on system components, eventually causing expensive system failure.

Be sure to keep your air filter clean. We have available a wide assortment of pleated air filters and media filters. Equipment manufacturers recommend changing 1″ pleated air filters every one to three months, 4-5″ media filters change every 6-12 months, pre-filters on Electronic Air Cleaners clean every 1-2 months. You may find for your area and home, you may need to change or clean more often.

Breath cleaner air. Upgrade your filtering system to improve your indoor air quality.

Trane CleanEffects Whole House Air Filtration System

Trane CleanEffects Air Filtration System Cut Out

Watch How the Trane CleanEffects Cleans the Air Video.

Watch the Trane CleanEffects Clear the Clouds of Smoke Video.

Harvard School of Public Health & Environmental Heath & Engineering Summary of Flu Virus Test for removing the flu virus from filtered air.

Honeywell Media Air Filtering System

Honeywell Media Filter System

HONEYWELL MEDIA FILTER SYSTEM BROCHUREBio Fighter UV Light StickHelp keep your family and employees healthy.  A UV Light System incorporated into your air conditioning and heating unit, disinfects the air by destroying or neutralizing harmful microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, mold spores and other tiny organisms. Thus, resulting in fewer and less severe allergy or asthma symptoms, inhibiting the spread and growth of mold or mildew, reduces or eliminates unpleasant odors. A UV Light System significantly improves indoor air quality.  Breath cleaner air.  Call 972-530-8384  to schedule an appointment to have a UV Light System installed in your home or business.

Duct Work

Leaky, damaged ducts cost you money, reduce your comfort level, prematurely wear out expensive parts and components. You could be sucking in hot or cold attic air, cooling or heating your attic with leaky, damaged ducts. We provide inspection, repair, replacement of duct work and duct work systems.  Call for a duct inspection today   972-530-8384.

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